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I am what I hate most in the world 

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How to Contour and Highlight- The completely not scary way using drugstore products!

Highly requested tutorial! I know it sounds scary to contour your face. There is so many things that can go wrong! But if you follow this tutorial, it’s pretty fault free, unless you use too much product!

(Top three from left to right)
1. First step is to start with your foundation, or normal face. Here I am, sans any makeup besides a light layer of foundation! I look weird, huh? ;)

2. Find where your cheek bones are! You may say “oh, I don’t have any” but yes you do. Every single human does! I use a brush handle to find mine because it gives a straight line for me to go off of.

3. Right where the bottom of your cheek bones are, which is where your brush handle should’ve been, draw a line. I use a tapered blending brush to draw my first line, It gives a more chiseled effect and gives you less of a chance to get that ” my face is dirty” look! 

(second row, left to right)
4. Blend that line out! I use an angled contour brush because it gets it just right for me. The trick is to not blend up, blend down. You can add some more product on your brush to help it blend easier, but not too much! Also, not pictured, but you can contour your jawline too. Just sweep some of your product underneath your jaw from one ear to the other!

5. Apply your highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones and your temples. You may also add it to the top half of the bridge of your nose, a bit to the middle of your forehead, and your chin. This is where you catch light, so we are going to HIGHLIGHT it! :D I use a liquid because I feel like you get better results.

(bottom row, left to right)
6. Blend out! This is what the final product looks like on me. Yay! No more flat cheeks!

7. Is a photo of the products I used. Wet N Wild Eyeshadow palette in Vanity. The matte colors only! And I used ELF’s Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal.



Bacon Pops

Streaky Bacon / Cooking Chocolate / Marshmallows / Walnuts / 100s and 1000s / Banana / Chocolate Beans / Greaseproof Paper (1)

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'Will You Marry Me' Rustic Wooden Log Proposal Journal/Ring Box by Tanja Sova

This handmade wooden proposal journal has a small compartment at the back to store your beloved’s engagement ring :)